Over the previous four years, we have raised over £8,731 for overseas projects.

£2,592  - toilet twinning - we twinned every toilet in the circuit churches and two school toilet blocks at Westwood Primary School, Buckley.

£2,108  - supporting three projects which are empowering women in India.

£2,129  - providing fifty fuel saving ovens in Ethiopia, material to make sanitary wear for fifty girls in Uganda. water for fifty schools in Uganda.

£1,902  - 'pigs and apples' (providing animals for African and Indian farmyards and trees for Ethiopian orchards).


This year our challenge comes in two parts:

First, a challenge to every church in the circuit to consider the effect it has on the environment and take appropriate action which will witness to our care for the earth.

Secondly, considering what we can do to minister to the homeless, through practical support and monetary gifts which we will channel through the Mission in Britain Fund.

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